Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Ads made easy.

Launch a SUPER PROFITABLE Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Ad campaign in 3 hours.  It’s a great way to grow your business 10X. Run ads for less than Rs 100 a day. 

April 24, 2023 (Monday)
7 p.m - 9 p.m
Roshan Chandy

Get started creating the free FACEBOOK Business Manager and your Business ad account. After Facebook bought Instagram and Whatsapp, you can run ads on all platforms from one place.

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What you will learn in the 2-Hour Workshop?


Facebook Page and Professional Instagram

Optimize your Facebook business page to get results for your ads. Also, learn how to integrate Facebook and Instagram, and use the power of the Facebook Business Suite.

Setting up the Facebook Business Manager

To be a successful advertiser on Facebook, you should make use of Facebook’s free Business Manager tool and not run ads through a personal Facebook account.


Creating a Facebook Ad Account

An Ad account is a must to start running profitable ads on Facebook. You will receive step by step guidance to create your ad account correctly.


Design your Ad and find your target audience

Why depend on a graphic designer to design an attractive Facebook ad. You will learn to create an ad in minutes without graphic design skills.


Domain verification and Facebook Pixel

Get your domain verified. Learn to target your audience based on interest, demographics and customer behaviour so your pixel can work effectively.


Launching your Facebook Ad, Instagram and WhatsApp ads

Create your WhatsApp business account. Publish your Facebook ads and Whatsapp ads. Also how to create the Facebook Pixel.

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Bonus 1#
How to earn more than Rs. 3000 a day and use the power of compounding for wealth creation.

Bonus 2#
What is Algo Trading and how it works on autopilot generating returns monthly. Will share live results.

Bonus 3#
How you can earn an AMAZING passive income by trading BankNifty options using automation.

Ready to start advertising on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp?

I currently manage more than 30 Client Ad Accounts for Facebook and Instagram

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Roshan Chandy and I am the founder of Funberry Creative – a digital marketing, graphic design, and web development company headquartered in Bangalore. With a Masters degree in Advertising  & Communications from Syracuse University, USA, I have over 17 years experience in advertising including working in one of the world’s biggest ad agencies – DDB. I am also a digital marketing expert certified by the Government of India.

My aim is to empower small and medium-sized businesses and  entrepreneurs grow their business using the power of social media advertising without having to depend on expensive ad agencies. This worship will open your eyes to the power of Facebook advertising. I look forward to seeing you at my class.

“Meta (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) are providing advertisers with the biggest advertising opportunity since Google search and it’s targeting capabilities are just amazing” – Roshan Chandy

Get potential clients at Rs 1 per click.

Some brands and companies I worked for.

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What you will learn?

  • Creating and optimizing the perfect Facebook page
  • Creating your professional Instagram account and WhatsApp business Account
  • Facebook page strategies to get maximum results for your Facebook ads
  • The Facebook Ad funnel
  • Creating the Facebook Business Suite
  • How to use the Facebook Business suite
  • What is Facebook Cross Posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • The Hidden Gateway to entering the Facebook and Instagram Professional Advertising Dashboard
  • Why you should not use your personal ad account to run Facebook ads
  • What are Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences
  • How to automate your WhatsApp for WhatsApp ads
  • Designing your Facebook Page Cover Photo for better ad results
  • Designing your first Facebook Ad with zero design skills
  • Creating your Facebook Business Manager
  • Creating your Facebook Ad Account
  • Setting up payment for your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Understanding Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads
  • Selecting the right audience for your ad using Facebook Insights on consumer behavior, interests, and demographics
  • Creating your first Facebook ad campaign
  • Publishing your first Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad
  • Launching your first WhatsApp ad
  • How to view ad results
  • What is Facebook Domain verification and how to get started
  • What is the Facebook Pixel and how to create it
  • How to run ads to get 100’s of clients messaging you on Whatsapp

Great results at even Rs 100 a day.


The workshop is LIVE and will be from 7 pm to 9 pm on April 24, 2023

You should ideally be using Facebook which means you should at least have a personal Facebook profile. But if you don’t, thats fine too.

It will be a complete LIVE workshop on Zoom. Link for the workshop will be shared via email and on the WhatsApp group created for the workshop.

After you register, you will be directed to a page where you can join the Whatsapp group for the workshop.

There are no recordings available for everyone. Students who are interested in mentorship can get the recording after the workshop.

Over 3,000 students have benefitted from this amazing workshop.


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